Kate's Family Love Stories

~ Sunday, August 26 ~
Like black dogs still attached to their chains
We vent frustrations through bared teeth and strain
Against the wrongs, injustices large or small
Impotently raging but not solving at all
Set yourselves free of shackle and steel
Tell those influentials how you truly feel
Your vote is not trivial nor is it waste
Change starts like a pebble thrown into the lake
Start the ripple of change through the lakes, stream and seas
Through the towns, suburbs and through the big cities
Be an advocate for humanity, justice and peace
A speaker of truth, love, and light please
Let’s not bark and snarl, whimper or cry
Let’s stand tall as one people who will save earth, sea and sky.

~ Wednesday, August 22 ~

My heart

Tomorrow, Rose Caitlin Doyle will be six years old. She has had a big year transitioning from creche to school, and transitioning into her language-evolved self! She says new words, she makes deals, she tells me fairies aren’t real :( …
She is magnificent, spoiled, but delightful, imaginative, a character … She is kind, empathic, has a long memory and is attached to family, friends, pets ( even those she does not remember!) . She is wonderful! She makes my heart soar!





(sorry for repeat on fbook) (but I looooveeeeee her!)

~ Sunday, August 5 ~
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~ Sunday, July 22 ~


You can’t be rejected
If you were never invited
And you can’t feel abandoned
By those that never held you
You can’t expect hidden feelings
To be obvious to one and all
You can’t find a negative in a lack
Of action only you anticipated
You don’t know what everyone thinks
You can’t assume what everyone feels
You can look back on past behaviours
And wince for those unaccounted for
But you can’t erase what went before
And you should look forward not back
With love in your heart
Clarity in your mind
Strength in your purpose
Confidence in your truth
Feel the sun upon your face
See the rainbow behind the storm cloud
Breathe deep of the air
And taste the sweetness of the rain

Lucem spero - I hope for light
Fortudine vincit - I conquer through fortitude
Bhi Me, Beicht me - I was, I will be
Ubique fecundat imber - Everywhere the rain fertilises

~ Wednesday, July 18 ~


You know how it goes
Life is full of shows
You perform one day
And the next you fade

It is of no import
The flash you could court
It is so much more fun
To experience the sun

The air, the earth, the fire
Feel it in soul, with desire
This is the urge, the stuff
Hold it, own it, it’s not enough

To just walk by so staid
To just lay down unlaid
You’ve got to stand tall
You must own it all

Life is to be grasped
Held in fists, hands clasped
Don’t let it slip n slide
It’s not a cruise nor a ride

Grab it all, every bit
All the good, the bad, the shit
Take it, turn it, call it yours
Own it, love it, life is more

Do not forsake
You cannot remake
Play your cards each deal
So you rule next turn of the wheel

~ Wednesday, June 27 ~


We laid down the couch cushions so I could rub craig’s shoulders and back … Apparently it tickles too much if you rub his legs :)

Rosie pops around with a deck of William Grant’s Scotch Whiskey playing cards (we only give age-appropriate playing cards in this family!) and suggested a game of Snap.

So lounging casually on blanket and dressing gown covered couch cushions, we deal out the Grant’s, cards that is, and begin.

Fair to say that Craig and I play a mean game of Snap. We didn’t let that little 5 year old fly-by-nighter have it too easy … In fact she spent a lot of the time lying on the couch cushions staring at the ceiling while we slapped each others hands red-raw in exuberant glee at a pair of twos.

My work has been brain washing me about the evils of competitiveness and while I get it from a point of ‘achieve the goal’ vs ‘beat your five year old child and husband at all costs’ perspective … Fuck, I enjoyed that!

~ Sunday, April 8 ~

More Gordons please

On Good Friday, I played my first ever game of golf. Badly.

My Day and Tracey, my husband, the boys and the rose (and Dad’s fox terrier, Mick) all carted ourselves and our clubs around the Mirboo North Golf Course.

It had been a busy day for Gordon who was manning the club all alone. Many groups of beginners had come through and we were advised to start further around … so we started on the 9th. Gordon called for pie orders for half-time and off we headed.

We will not dwell here upon our game, save to summarise: I’m pretty much your swing n miss kinda gal; Dad lost his mind toward the end and strangely the inanimate objects he was abusing did not swear back at him; Josh and Ben both hit some beauties and then mixed it up with a lot of target practice on the trees; Craig threw his clubs a coupla times, but otherwise his usual annoyingly skilled self asserted; Tracey played reasonably but seemed impatient with some of the hackery going on; and little Red bore up very well for 18 holes of boredom. Mick was exhausted!

We came back around to the clubhouse and ordered some beer. We sat under the setting sun, listened to the magpies call and chatted with Gordon and Dad’s friends who joined us. Humour and love of life charged the air.

Gordon spoke of his next round of home schooling. As an ex-teacher of 30+ years he now travels with his wife to remote properties in the Northern Territory to set up the families there for home schooling - the only way these kids would get an education. He describes the children as polite, hard-working, torn-clothed, tree-climbers and makes some comparisons to city kids (but not unkindly). The irony of his description was not lost on me as Josh and Ben casually trawled through their iPhones, but Gordon was not criticising. He was just full of love for these kids who work with their parents on their three million hectares of land, play in the dirt and the air and the sun, a billion kilometres away from everything. He was glad to be able to help them with their reading and maths but you could see he just loves to give.

He just loves to give.  We need more Gordons.

~ Tuesday, April 3 ~


Vanity’s a sin

Or so we are told

But when someone unloves you

Ignoring your soul

Your body’s a vessel

Nothing more and not you

But when measured by kilos

What can you do?

What about spirit?

Heart, mind and fun?

No that’s not what he loved

I was not the one

So I had these glam photos

To prove he was wrong

He laughed when he saw them

Unlove sang its song

Christina sings “I am beautiful”

"No matter what they say"

I know that this is true

So let us all be a little vain

~ Saturday, March 24 ~

The Affair

Today I went to The Green Bamboo massage place in Southgateway Shopping Centre.

I lay down giving myself panda eyes as my mascaraed lashes pressed upon my face, and the new love of my life, Shirley, began her work.

She found every damn spot of pain along my spine, through my shoulders at the base of my head.  At one point she tried to push my shoulder blade out through my chest cavity with her elbow.  She ruthlessly used thumbs to break each individual vertebra of my neck, smashing them to bone fragments.  She pressed on my angry little sacroiliac joints and forced them to at least think about alignment.  They didn’t just think about it, they capitulated under her unyielding pressure.

And then, my body started singing as relief flew to each pain point.  And then I seriously thought about asking Shirley to marry me.

PS: Pretty good deal too! 40 minutes for $40 bucks

I’ll do it for 40.  (Obscure Deliverance reference that just occurred to me!)

~ Friday, March 23 ~


I flew back in via qantas on Thursday evening. Had been away for three nights/days and missing my loves extraordinarily.

I was frustrated early by the Sudoku (you know when you think you’ve got it and then you realize you can’t unwind it) in the magazine, and annoyed by the crossword because some of their clues were not actually words ! (disclaimer:it is possible my vocabulary is not as strong as I wish!)

And then ….

I leaned my head against the window, closing my eyes.

When I opened them the sun was shining through in heavenly light, and tiny dams among the emerald green were reflecting like mirrors. The light! Oh, the light! Filled me like a magic tonic!

I drove home, singing loud … The best way to get through traffic. I dropped my bags at the door and scooped rose up as she leapt into my arms.

We all watched garry Lyons farewell the great Jim stynes. I cried.

Later, rose refused to go to bed (again).

But she gave me the biggest cuddles and I am just in love!!!